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Subject:Simlish Scandal - Chapter 2: Deals
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A deal with the devil...Collapse )

“Why thank you, darling. And to what do I owe you this pleasure?” Olive asked intrigued.

“I would like to acquire your services for one of my little missions. I call it “The Destruction of Pleasantview”,” the woman in the black suit walked into the house and began madly walking on the dinning table, laughing manically.
Cassandra Goth had always been an old soul at heart. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t have fun despite her somber demeanor. Her type of fun was more mischievous, her humor more grim.

“How do I look, Cassandra? Amazing I know.” Don said smugly.

“Disturbing, that face is rather disturbing indeed. But lucky for you, l do enjoy the scientifically disturbed,” said Cassandra with a smirk.

“Amazing was what I was going for, but I’ll settle for that.”

“Is that so?”

“So it is!”

“Plot twist… I love you.”

“Love you too.”

Cassandra and Don were both very flawed people; but they didn’t try to change each other, they understood each other and brought out the best in each other. Don had been the only one Cassandra had been with her whole life and it would stay that way.

Don had been with many different women; he even had tried being with men a few times, but he had never loved any of them like he loved Cassandra. Nina Caliente had been his first love; they meet in high-school and had their first WooHoo with each other. But their relationship had been toxic in more ways then one; they had cheated on each other multiple times (Don especially), and in the long run… they were no good for each other and couldn’t work things out. Now, they were friends with benefits due to his and Cassandra’s open-relationship.

Don was no longer a sleazy cheater thanks to Cassandra, he was now more honest and pursued open relationships; Cassandra made him hapy and secure which brought out the brave, warm, lively, secretly nerdy guy instead of the obnoxious, impulsive, selfish, moody, faux-dumb, jerk that had possessed him for so long.
“Smell the roses, Alexander!” Mortimer said. Roses had been Bella’s favorite flower. Strangely, on the day of Bella’s funeral, Mortimer had been a wreck who could shatter at any minute… in-fact he did shatter like a piece of glass. But since the day after, he went back to his old self. He told everyone, including himself; Bella was just on a trip to Magic Town and would be back very soon. He was ready to crack into desperate mourning at literally any moment but he forced himself to continue the facade as part of the deal he had thought of.

“I don’t smell roses, I smell foolishness. It’s all over you!” Alexander hissed to his father. He may take after Cassandra’s (and Mortimer’s) extreme intelligence, but he certainly lacked Cassandra’s perceptiveness. Bella’s death has just put Alexander in an even fouler mood then usual.

“You have been mistaken, old sport! As the best of the best, I know what foolishness is psychologically and scientifically; I absolutely have failed to detect any on myself, whatsoever!” Mortimer retorted.

“Lying to yourself is foolishness though,” Alexander remarked.

“Indeed, but I’m not lying to myself, so I would rid your point invalid, Alex! Now, if you would excuse me, old chap, I’m off to use my virus breeder in the lab!” Mortimer walked up the spiral-stair cases.

Alexander made a disgruntled expression and thought of the Bella floor lamp-statue that wasn’t too far behind him.

“Oh, mother dearest…I hope your spirit will come and haunt us all. We could use some guidance.”

Suddenly Alexander remembered Cassandra once mentioning a woman in Strangetown named Olive Specter who professionally contacted the dead and was a witch specializing in necromancy; she was a professional party guest as a cover-up for mortals, Olive had attended some of their mother’s parties and had been a friend of hers. He would have to get Cassandra to take him to this Olive Specter to have her contact Bella’s ghost.
Dina Caliente had been sipping white wine on her lounge beanie-bag, thinking about her how to make it big when she heard a knock on her door.

She got up and opened the door. She wasn’t exactly expecting it to be none other then Mortimer Goth.

“Oh hey Morty! What’s up?”

“Ah, hello Dina!” Mortimer invited himself inside.

Dina noticed that he sure was acting aggressively different from the Mortimer, who had started having depression and mental breakdowns according to her best friend Don, Mortimer’s daughter Cassandra’s fiancé. How the hell Don Lothario ended up engaged and was a good fiancé was still a mystery to her.

“Um, sit down?” Dina sat down back on the purple coach in-front of the television.

Mortimer followed her and turned off the television right away. Oh, Goths and their television phobias. He could have asked and I would have had nooo problem with turning it off… but I won’t bite him since he lost his wife only a month ago.

“So, Dina… Dina, Dina, Dina. You like making deals, right?” Mortimer inquired.

“Yup, as long as it involves money, and I don’t have to…hit someone with a hammer or something!” Dina exclaimed.

“Well, I can almost guarantee no hammers are involved in this! I’d be willing to lend you Bella’s old resurrector machine that has a phone to contact good old Grim himself with and the money to have him perform a successful resurrection of Michael,” Mortimer explained knowledgeably.

Dina’s eyes widened. He had to be for real. Michael had been “the one.” They had it off immediately when they meet on a beach on a vacation she and Nina had gone on.

She could remember every detail of their wedding day. Everyone’s hair, make-up, clothing, posture, facial expression, you name it. Dina had always dreamed of having a massive, posh wedding that was straight from the fairy-tales, however, when she realized she couldn’t go through with gold-digging, that it felt morally wrong to her, she had been able to find Michael who she really loved with all of her heart. She decided to just have a small wedding with their families and her close friends Don and Brandi; as long as her wedding dress got to be everything she dreamed of.

“So, what do you have in mind, Morty?” Dina asked curiously, smiling brightly.

“We will work to get our lost lovers back! Since the Strangetown alien-watchers claimed to have seen a spaceship coming from the direction of Pleasantview the night Bella disappeared, you will try to contact your alien relatives through scientific equipment that I will provide, and find out if Bella has been abducted and if so… bring her back. Cassandra and I can perform the experiments and operations to get her memory back if it’s lost. So, is it a deal or is it a deal?” asked Mortimer smirking.

Having Michael back would make Dina the happiest Sim in all of SimCity, no… wait, that’s wrong. Happiest would be an understatement. For a minute, however, she paused. The idea of contacting her distant alien ancestors seemed complicated and imitating. Even if she didn’t want to have anything to do with her ancestors, she decided she would accept Mortimer’s proposal. She would give up anything to have Michael back, including her beloved leopard high-heels, her favorite chocolate, and all the money in the world.

“It’s a deal, Mortimer.”

“Excellent! There’s even more, darling!”
Kaylynn Langerak began her work-shift at the Pleasants a bit shakier then usual. Naturally, she suffered from social anxiety, but she was oozing fear and coyness today. Even though nothing had happened, she was regretting that deal she had made.

“Bye Mary Sue! Enjoy your impromptu meeting!” was what Kaylynn could hear Daniel say in the entrance-way. Mary Sue may just be an intern, but she was needed for this particular meeting. Mary Sue had slowly worked her way to an intern due to focusing on making sure her kids grow up healthy and secure. Daniel had got a great deal with a sports association and it didn’t long before he was making big money. He was the assistant coach for the SimCity Llama’s, the biggest, most famous, sport team in Simerica currently and had a great salary. Since Daniel was working and Mary Sue didn’t want her kids to be raised by nannies, she put aside her political aspirations to be the best mother she possibly could be. Over the years, it frustrated her immensely and gave her an inner-disappointment. She wouldn’t regret anything, Angela was top of her class and had a promising future as a fishing boat captain, and Lilith was on her way towards an athletic scholarship in a few years, despite her rebellious and unpleasant nature; she planned on taking over her dad’s position… even if that last part is a lie. Mary Sue had become a lot happier and proud after chasing her political dreams, the only problem was that Angela and Lilith wanted to murder each other and Daniel had an infatuation with their maid.

“I’ll try. Remember what I told you the day before Bella Goth’s funeral, Dan… be careful,” Mary-Sue said,” Good-bye.” She headed off to city-hall.

“Hey there Kay! I was looking for you.” Daniel smiled.

Don’t get Kaylynn wrong, she knows Daniel is being selfish and is far from innocent, but she felt guilty as well; she didn’t want to hurt Mary Sue. If Mary Sue wasn’t so supportive of getting the lower-class employed, she would have been screwed. As the guilty pang continued… another thought crossed her. How could she have forgotten? She was always forgetting things; if she didn’t do what the dealer had paid her to, she would be in big trouble and she wouldn’t be the only one. Kaylynn would go to the police but when you make a deal with the devil, you are aware that the devil has some big connections and friends in high place.

Kaylynn sighed and muttered under her breath, “I’m so sorry Mary Sue.”

She looked at Daniel. “Yeah, hi. How about after I’m done cleaning I meet you in the bedroom?”

“Sounds great! If you need anything, I’ll be watching SimCity Sports Center in the family room,” Daniel smiled once again and walked off.

In the bed, he and his wife sleep in… unbelievable. You think I’d be happy… I’m getting what I want. I would be happy… if I was getting it in the right way; there’s nothing right about this.

Angela sighed and sat down on her bed as she came home from school. Ever since Bella’s funeral she’s felt a bit… uneasy. Normally, she was kind of stoical unlike her over-emotional twin sister Lilith who wore her heart on her shelve. But this was different…

She could have told someone what she saw, but… it might not even have been real. She was so tired when it happened; she just assumed it had been some crazy daydream or something.

It had been two years ago, she was 13 and a half at the time; she and Dustin, who were obviously just friends then, were at the local park at around 10: 40 PM.

Dustin had gone to the bathroom, so she stood there examining the pond since it contained fishes which she absolutely adored. But then… suddenly, she heard the sound of high-heels against the pavement. That couldn’t be Dustin.

She looked up and saw a red corset dress and black high-heels that both must have coasted more then Dustin’s house. The elegant black hair… the tan Monte Vista skin... the red lipstick… it couldn’t be….

Belladonna Goth, more commonly known as Bella Goth; the elegant, occultist, decadent billionaire had been missing without a tracing for three years. But that had to be her… that face was iconic, as was her custom-made regal red leather corset with its silted skirt. No one else owned that dress, which was an actual fact. A Magic Town designer had made it just for Bella and for Bella only according to her mother who had been told this by none other then Bella herself. Bella might not be a fan of mortals, but Mary Sue was a mortal who was big on rights of everyone, including supernaturals, so they had had a very cordial relationship.

“Mrs. Goth?” Angela hollered, freaked out for obvious reasons.

Bella ran closely to her, the smug look that had always been on her face replaced with fear, “Angela, love! Get help! They are coming for me… they are coming for me as we speak.” Bella looked terrified out of her mind.

“Yeah of course! Mrs. Goth, who the plumbob is after you? If they come, I’ll try to fight them off for you.” Angela meant it. She looked down to retrieve her cell phone from her purse to dial up 911.

She got her cell phone as quickly as possible. But by the time she looked up, Bella was gone.

Five minutes later, she heard a horrible scream. She tried to find out where it was coming from, but it was untraceable.

Dustin came back a few seconds later; she didn’t tell him what happened. She thought it was just a dream… but was it?

Lilith barged in with textbooks in her hand. “Ang, can I copy your homework?”

“Lilith, I really don’t feel like putting up with your crap today, so please just leave, okay?”

“Really Ang?! I was being nice to you!”

“Considering what you called me this morning and the fact you tried to get my boyfriend to dump me today, I’m just gonna roll my eyes at you.”

“Fine, trollface, fine!” Lilith stormed off.

The next night, Cassandra stirred her cauldron. She could see what would happen next or what other people couldn’t in the cauldron liquid, she just had to mix the right potions, elixirs and remnants to get it to appear for her. That’s how she was able to find out many, many things that no one else knew. She enjoyed hinting t to people through her speech to confuse them.

Unfortunately, nothing about her mother’s whereabouts appeared to her. However, something did appear to her. A woman in a black suit entering Landgraab Funeral home and opening the coffin, the portal to this vision was cut off right where the woman’s head would be.

Cassandra thought about it, it’s likely the woman in the black suit was someone who didn’t attend the funeral, at least not publicly. It was also likely the woman was the one who murdered the Strangetown clone and set it up to be found. Why else would she go to the funeral home when no one else was there and open the cfoffin? Although her facial expression couldn’t be seen, Cassandra highly suspected the woman was smirking and this was a check-up for her, to make sure everything had gone as planned. Cassandra was very observant, she liked making it so people couldn’t observe her and would be confused, puzzled, and intrigued by her.

Cassandra turned to her beloved lab. While she did enjoy magic (it was great for checking her predictions for the future and causing trouble), science was her defiant passion. Even if she was a true loner at heart who spent most of teenage years and childhood in her room alone reading books for an older age group, turning her teachers into toads, and playing a game by herself of finding out many things about person merely by their body language, and doing Watcher knows what else… her dad taught her many scientific things. Too bad Alexander wasn’t interested in science.

Mortimer had tried endlessly to find Bella, but his methods were only scientific. Cassandra had both magic and science. Together, they were a powerful force and she was determined to use it to find her mother and bring her home.

Cassandra spent some time on her science station, playing around with medicines and chemical compounds, but after that she decided to see if the cauldron would answer her more.

A spaceship behind a large castle appeared. Cassandra knew it must be Strangetown, her dad had taken her to an alien museum there when she was a child.

“Well, Strangetown, prepare to face the wrath of Cassandra Goth,” Cassandra muttered. She would have to perform a summoning spell; something that only worked to summon a Sim if you know where they were. She should check the spaceship crashings files for Strangetown crashings at work, and then she could examine it and scientifically determine if her mother or the clone had something to do with that crash. Back to her safe-have now; the lab.

Alexander entered Mortimer and Cassandra’s lab, his older sister was of course working on something scientific, Watcher knows what.

“Bonehelida has finished dinner, so father says you must come down there. Cass, beware… there’s a disturbing surprise waiting down stairs,” said Alexander.

“Challenged expected,” Nothing surprised Cassandra.


“Ah, Cassandra! Just wait until you hear the news Dina and I have!” Mortimer exclaimed.

“Hi there,” Dina smiled,” How are you, Cassandra?”

Everyone sat down for the lobster thermidor, the Goth’s… abnormal… live-in maid Bonehelida had prepared. Dina was a bit startled when she saw Bonehelida, the first time had been when Michael first introduced her to his weird family and their live-in maid who slept in a coffin in the attic when she wasn’t cleaning or cooking. Dina was still polite to her. Just because Dina was surprised by her and she wasn’t her taste in maid, doesn’t mean she wasn’t going to treat her like everyone else and be open-minded.

“I’m sure you’re all dying to hear my announcement since it’s my announcement! So, I suppose I’ll just go out and say it… Dina and I have engaged in a romantic relationship!” Mortimer announced.

“He’s telling the truth by the way,” Dina smiled once again.

Cassandra observed perceptively while the more outgoing sibling Alexander spoke; “Don’t attempt to hug us, Dina, we’re contagious.”

Dina gave a patient laugh, “Nothing stops me from giving out hugs!”

Alexander scowled and held his tongue.

Dina tried to make conversation,” So, Cass, do –“

“A nickname such as “Cass”, is to be used by close friends and family members, seeing as you are neither, I have decided to revoke your right to call me that!”

“Then I can work on that!”

“Don’t take the land that is rightfully not yours or your village will be burned to the ground and you will get scalped,” Cassandra said with both cryptic-ness and metaphor.

“Um, good advice!”

For the rest of the dinner, Cassandra stayed quiet as usual, getting lost in thought, no one being quite sure what she is thinking – just the norm. Dina did most of the talking. Mortimer continued to fake his trademark smirk; he was so close to breaking completely, so close to dying because Bella was not there next to him. At least this deal and fake relationship would end with her being found. He had many memories of her.


“Doctor Donald Lothario! It is a pleasure to meet you. I need a medical opinion.”

Aaaand that concludes Chapter 2, please excuse the huge size of the pictures, I sized them 1017 and 705 in Chapter 1 and I tried 1000 and 700 for this chapter, but I guess it didn't work, I'll have to play around with that tomorrow. Sooo, I hope you liked it since I worked really hard on it. Comments and polite criticism are always welcomed, so feel free to do either one of those things or really anything as long as it's not trolling. Now, I'm off to read one of the Pretty Little Liars books.
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Subject:Simlish Scandal - Chapter 1: Always
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The start of a scandal...Collapse )

Miles away from the posh suburbia Pleasantview, a desert town called Strangetown laid. It always seemed that these two locations were going to intersect somehow. The latest intersection was supposed sightings of missing socialite and Magic Town darling Bella Goth in Strangetown. Bella Goth had been an eccentric socialite who had lived in Pleasantview; even back when it was called Sunset Valley, one night she disappeared with no trace. Strangetown alien-watchers Vidcund, Lazlo, and Pascal Curious claimed to have seen an alien space-ship coming from the direction of Pleasantview. Who knew if their claims were true? But never less, Pleasantview and Strangetown would always find a way to intermingle. Always.

Pleasantview often had drama and mysteries and Strangetown was certainly… strange, or at least that was what the reporters claimed, but that was just likely talk. Strangetown had the highest population of alien blood of all of Sim Nation and it was a common spot for spaceship-crashes. But, what the citizens of Pleasantview and Strangetown didn’t know was that both of their cities were under the chaos of a sick person who always got what they wanted. Always.

What happened to Bella Goth? Is super-broke Brandi Broke going to keep the body or have it taken care of? Who tried to kill the Burb family, causing them to move to Pleasantview? How did that spaceship end up behind the Beaker Castle? Why was she spotted at the funeral? Why do missing people always, always, end up in Strangetown? Is Olive Specter really a murderer? What happened to Olive Specter’s son Anubis Specter? Who is causing all this drama? There’s even more questions, yet there would always be an answer… eventually. Always.

“Bella Goth,” said a nonchalant Mary-Sue Pleasant,"will have been missing for five years as of tomorrow.”

“I assume you will be busy consoling Cassandra tomorrow then,” said a clueless Daniel Pleasant in a rather serious tone,a smile on his face.

“Oh please Dan… Cassandra, consoling? Defiantly not something that would happen,” Mary-Sue spoke from experience.

“Right,” Daniel sighed with disappointed written all over his freckled-face. He really wanted Mary-Sue to be busy on her day-off.

Mary-Sue was no fool; she could tell something was up.

“You wanted me out of the house, didn’t you?” Mary-Sue asked.

Daniel blushed. That took him a bit by surprise. “Uh… yes. I’m having Don and Nina over to watch the SimCity Llama’s Game, you always complain about the noise from our cheering and all that, so I thought it would be kind of nice for you to… not be here.”

Mary-Sue was not amused. She could tell what Daniel was getting at. “I let it go the first time I caught you in bed with that maid. I let her know if she lays another hand on you, she’s fired. I was trying to be generous to her by letting her keep her job. And as for you… I told you what would happen if something like that were to occur again. Don’t hurt this family, Daniel. Think of the girls.” Her tone was rightfully stern, Mary-Sue was fiercely open-minded politicaly and believed people were inherently good, however, when danger streaked, she would be protective as her children as possible, no matter what.

“Yes, of course… Sorry, I was just getting tempted again.” Daniel had always been a weak one and tended to blame other people for his faults.
“Dina…” Nina said as she walked into the room, “They found Bella.”

Dina shot up right away. A big goofy smile formed on her face. “Really?!” Had her former sister-in-law really been found?

“Dina… you see…” Nina sighed, her eyes sad.

“Oh my Watcher! I can’t believe it! This is soooo great!” Dina continued cheering.

Nina sighed again, but this time she sighed frustrated in annoyance and unintentionally scoffed. Typical of a hot-head like Nina. Dina didn’t understand what was going on.

“Dina, they found her body…”
A funeral was held for Bella Goth at Landgraab Funeral Home. The first row was made up of Bella’s family; husband Mortimer Goth who looked absolutely terrified, the cheerful and outgoing mad scientist he use to be was hard to make out from the sad, hollow man he now was, daughter Cassandra whose face was grim, somber, and impossible to read like it usually was; she was the only family member not close to breaking out in tires, son Alexander who was still a child was so down for the mother he never got. Sister-in-law Dina and her twin sister Nina sat there in sadness.

Bella had been known for her disdain for the normal, mundane, and pedestrian. She usually referred to her neighbors as “normies”. The death of an infamous, wonderful & weird, billionaire was bound to have attracted the majority of Pleasantview. She was the matriarch of the only supernatural family in Pleasantview, she and her kids were witches while her husband Mortimer was just as quirky; he adored witches despite being a mortal. Techinally, another supernatural family would be the Calientes, but their alien family ties were far back and normally kept to themselves.

Mortimer got up to give a speech, his face still an emotional wreck.

“Bella...” Mortimer began,” she was passion, she was light, she was darkness, she was the beauty, she was the diamond, and she was everything. I remember the first time we slow-danced. The way we looked into each other’s eyes, it was like looking down a tunnel that lead to each other. I would say I loved her, but I refuse to make an understatement. We had it all because we had each other. We started a family breed on paranormal, we were better then everyone. But then she was taken away and now I die slowly. Thank you Bella, from all of us. Thank you for your alchemy skill, thank you for being the lady of Magic Town, thank you for being an inspiration, thank you for being the love of my life. You will never die in my heart, Bella darling, you will always be there.”

Mortimer wasn’t holding a clipboard with a piece of paper on it, he didn’t have a note card, he didn’t rehearse any of it, and it all came solely from the heart. The eccentric, proud Mortimer Goth had broken.
After the funeral was over, the guests gathered outside around in individual of friends and families. Dina was a bit distracted, she noticed Cassandra disappearing…

“Excuse me, I have some consoling to get to,” said Dina as she walked away from Nina and Brandi to follow Cassandra.
Ah, Dina, always the optimistic no matter what.

As she got to Cassandra, she noticed the young mad scientist was brooding as usual. She knew Cassandra had problems expressing her feelings and would rather cause trouble and make mysterious or snide remarks.

“Cassandra, I’m so sorry about your mother…” said Dina heartfelt.

“I don’t see why you should be,” Cassandra stated enigmatically.

“Cassandra, you can open to me,” Dina said. She knew Cassandra to be rather a dark, mysterious type, but she had been her aunt after all.

“She’s not dead,” said Cassandra ominously.

“What?! There’s a body in the coffin…”

“It was a clone from Strangetown. My mother did not die, she was kidnapped as part of a massive conspiracy and she’s still in captivity.”

“… How can you say that? You’re father is weeping! He must be in so much pain…”

“I see more then all of you. Think of me as insane all you want, I don’t care. You have no idea who you’re dealing with, Aunt Dina.” And with that, Cassandra was gone.

Dina may have chosen to live her life just like everyone else despite a very distant alien ancestry, but she knew from being Bella Goth’s sister-in-law it must have been a spell Cassandra used to vanish. The fact that Cassandra had said her mother was alive like it was a proven fact scared her. Maybe Cassandra really could see more then them? Somehow, somewhere, they would be an answer eventually. Always.


Author's note: Well I hope you all liked the spooky-suspeseful ending! Feel free to comment and politely criquite! The next chapter will go deeper into Mortimer, Cassandra, Nina and Dina. Including Dina's past with Michael Bachelor.
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Subject:How Cassandra and Don Met
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Cassandra Goth sat, brooding, at a table in one of the finest restaurants in Pleasantview. She would be with Mary-Sue Pleasant but Mary-Sue had canceled last minute.

Don Lothario, a stranger to Cassandra, walked over to her table and was attracted right away. He had always secretly had a thing for girls with glasses. “Hey there babe, do you believe in love at first sight?”

She didn’t look at him; she appeared to be deep in thought, her eyes strangely pierced on something else, and a very mysterious aura surrounding her. “No,” she said, “But I do believe in irritation at first sight and pick-up artists.”

Don laughed and foolishly smiled ignorantly. “Haha, good one! I’m Don Lothario, what’s your name?”

“As if I’d tell you.” Something about Cassandra seemed as if she was hiding some conspiratorial plot or was up to some mice. Seemed accurate. She didn’t show very much emotion.

“Playing hard to get?” The same idiotic smile and laughter followed Don’s statement.

“Are you playing drunkard fool?” She still didn’t look at him and kept a very solemn, unknown face.

He was intrigued with this woman; he wanted to know more about her. “You’re funny.”

She didn’t say anything, her eye were now into brooding deep thoughts.

“Can I sit down?” Don asked.
“Can I hex you?” A slight smirk came on her face, but she remained lost in her thoughts.

“Hex, baby, what ya talking about?”

“Fine, you may sit down if you never call me babe again.” She spoke with Wednesday Addams-spunk.

Don sat down. “So what’s up with you?”


“Oh oh! That’s interesting!”

No response, just more mysterious thinking.

“Do you have a boyfriend? A girlfriend?”

“Maybe I do, maybe I don’t.”

“Mystery, cool!”

For a few minutes awkward silence filled the air.

“Well I see that you’re not interested in me! How that’s possible since I’m so cool? I’m not sure, but hey whatever! Just... uh remember there are 206 bones in the human body.”

“28 skull bones, non-articulate horseshoed-shaped hyoid bone of the neck, 26 vertebrae, 24 ribs, the pelvic bones, a total of 120 bones in the arms and legs, and a number of partial bones ranging between 8-18, which are related to the joints.”

“You like bones? I think they’re kinda interesting…’

“I can name over 50 facts about bones if that answer your question.”

“Oh, awesome! I’m pre-med so I know aaaaaalll about bones!” He bragged of course.

She turned to him finally. She seemed a bit intrigued but he couldn’t tell what she was thinking. “I love bones.”

“Aye, well they’re having a discussion open to the public at Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital where I work this Friday about bones and joints, so if you’re interested, you should come.”

“Perhaps I will… perhaps I won’t.”

“Well I’ll be there! So it’s worthy going to!”

“Ah, a reason to not attend.”

Awkward silence returned, Cassandra, or as the woman of mystery as Don knew her, was no one to socialize.

Until Cassandra got up unexpectedly and started to create antics.

Don laughed and smirked.

“Good show.”

“The cell nucleus is a good show.”

“Not to be confused with the nucleolus. That’s just a big no!”

“… As is the confusion of Servos and the prototypical SimBot.”

“Yeah, like seriously!”


There was a minute of silence until Don spoke.

“What’s your favorite element on the periodic table?”

She got up.

“Dance with me, Casanova want-to-be.”

“More like the real deal!”

They dance in silence for around five minutes. Silence. Cassandra liked it that way.

“It’s lithium,” she said.

“Mine’s hydrogen.”

Cassandra smirked as she danced in the returning silence

After 20 minutes Cassandra said. “I will be returning home now.”

“We could do this all night! I’m going to miss you”

As she walked off, she turned back and said. “Cassandra. My name is Cassandra Goth.”

“Can we keep in contact?!”

“Don’t worry about finding me, I’ll find you.”

And with that she was gone with a mysterious exit. Don was swept of his feet. Maybe they could be friends… or maybe she could be the first girl he was faithful too.

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Subject:Some Bustin' Out to TS2 pics
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Hi, I haven't been able to update the story because of this problem. http://insanesimblr.tumblr.com/post/59616433744/bad-news Sooo, I thought I would upload some pictures I've taken of Sims from Bustin' Out I remade to TS2 for the story. I already posted these pictures on tumblr, but I'll talk a little bit about how I see them and what they'll do in the story as a fail attempt to make up for no update. XD

Under the cut!Collapse )

Our rad protagonist Pat Newbie, the girl who ran away from her old life to start an exciting new one. This picture is based off that shot of her with the mutant plant! Her personality is 5-5-5-5-5, I gave her a Pleasure aspiration, and wrote a bio for her, "An adventurous and daring girl, Pat ran away from her adoptive family to right wrongs, try new things, and get revenge on her ruthless father. She likes plants and butterflies." Her TS3 traits are Green Thumb, Adventurous, Loves the Outdoors, Clumsy, and Brave.

Moving on~

A artsy duo, Artie Fishcl and Charity Grant. Artie is extremely vain and ambitious, he's the bad cop to Charity's good cop. Charity's a quirky, iconic goofball who is making her way up the art room, she's charming yet shy and playful. They're both art collectors and appreciates. :P In the story, (just like in the BO game) they are going to open an art museum called Studio 8, but business is awful, so Malcolm Landgraab repossess their marble block and pottery wheel. Charity's offical bio is "Charming Charity (aka Charity Grant) has been called a "National Treasure," the "High Priestess of Modern Art" and "a goofball." As one of the key creators of the Anti-Meaning Movement in the 1990s, Charity has been often imitated but never duplicated. Art fans worldwide prize her early work painted with snakes and snails and puppy dog tails. Conservative lawmakers cut off her funding however, after she unveiled her latest masterpiece: a 20 foot long, nude, anatomically correct cinderblock." and Artie's is "Artie Fischl is a one-man Romanticism revival. Nationalism is his main aesthetic influence, but on a personal, almost selfish level - a Nationalism of the self, the ego and the universe. Total individual perception. Self absorption. Self-centeredness and concern only for one's own made up symbols, ideas and language. His works and his life, even his conversation are on a whole different level, even from other artists. Did we mention Artie is a bit focused on himself." Not gonna include their personality points that I gave them since this post is getting long, but Charity's TS3 traits are Artistic, Good Sense of Humor, Friendly, Excitable, and Shy. I wish I could have gotten the slob trait into there for her.. Artie's are Dramatic, Snob, Ambitious, Diva, and Artistic.

Now there's...~

Mona Lott and Bing Bling! These two are growing on me! Unlike the Pat pic and the one of Charity and Artie, this isn't based off of any image and is just them being them! I love that stero on the table! These two own a club called Club Rubb together. Bing's bio in BO is "Schmoozy and boozy, he's a party animal that subsidizes his lifestyle by running Club Rubb where he can party 24/7. Part dance fiend, part DJ, Bing's pants are a walking party waiting to happen." and Mona... I don't think she has one. (Morty Goth doesn't have on in BO either I'm pretty sure) So I wrote her! Here it is... "Mona co-owns this hot club with her roommate and good friend, Bing Bling. She’s quite the wild one herself and is known as the ‘hot babe’ around the city. Although, she’s not very ambitious, she’s very good at owning Club Rubb. It also helps her find more romantic conquests." Mona is one snazzy sim. :3 Her TS3 traits are Flirty, Irresistible, Party Animal, Charismatic, and Commitment Issues. Bing's are Schmoozer, Party Animal, Flirty, Avant Garde, and Dislikes Children.

Last and probably not least~ ...

Mimi and Dudley Landgraab! I don't really like or dislike Dudley yet, but I'm really starting to like Mimi! c: She'll be a kind of major character in the story (and Dudley will probably be one too.) So I won't talk about their character that much other then that Pat knew them as kids back when Malcolm supported her and she and Mimi were close then. Dudley's offical bio from BO is this, "Some people have all the fun. In fact, ONE person might have all the fun - Dudley Landgraab. He managed to buy a TON of fun stuff before his dad cut up his credit cards: a video game console, a hot tub, an air hockey table, a gas grill... you name it! His trailer is practically party central! Good laughs and bad manners. Tasteless decor and tasty burgers. It's hard to tell what is up with Dudley, but he will never let you down." Like Mortimer Goth and Mona Lott, I'm pretty sure Mimi has no bio in BO and the Sim Wikia doesn't have one for her. I wrote one for her: "-Mimi use to be a socialite, attending the city of SimValley’s most glamorous galas and parties, but since her dad kicked her out, she’s living off of end’s meet and renting a small trailer apartment from him when she’s only seventeen! He also just stopped supporting her credit card… She’s still quite the party girl though, expect now her parties are… less elegant. She enjoys breaking hearts and cheating in relationships. She might be more then she appears to be on the surface though, maybe her cheerful, wild persona is a cover-up for something... maybe.” Mimi's TS3 traits are Excitable, Flirty, Party Animal, Charismatic, and Hot-Headed. Dudley's are Slob, Coach Potato, Party Animal, Schmoozer, and Kleptomaniac.

I also wrote a short about Mimi and Dudley here: http://insanesimblr.tumblr.com/post/58136077323/after-talking-about-a-pc-version-of-bustin

Well, I hope this was at least somewhat enjoyable! Hopefully I can get my computer fixed soon and update the story! That's it for now.
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Subject:Bustin' Out, Prolouge
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Author’s note: The rest of the story will be split up and won’t be huge big paragraphs, that’s just how the prologue ended up. All these Bustin’ Out and PC Sims characters belong to EA & Maxis, all rights reserved. Comments, respectful constructive criticism, and opinions are greatly appreciated! :) Enjoy!

It all starts up...Collapse )

My name is Pat Newbie... my life was pretty simple, pretty mundane before I ran away from my adoptive family. See, my biological father is notorious business tycoon and landlord Malcolm Landgraab. Everyone in the city of SimValley has heard of him. Heck, I’m sure people in all the way out in Riverblossom Hills have heard of him. Famous wouldn’t be the right word to describe him though; infamous would be but the terrors, shenanigans, and scandals Malcolm has committed is a story for another time. My biological mother, who goes by ‘Mom Landgraab’ has been in a disturbing rut ever since she had a huge breakdown from when Malcolm left her because she wasn’t, in his crude words, ‘good’ enough for him. She lives away from the urban SimValley and lives all by her self in a farm in the surrounding land. When I was a child Malcolm was my benefactor, he supported me, he was far from being the best father ever, but still… it was something. But one day he decided he didn’t want me and Mom was certainly not mentally stable enough to raise me, so this poor trailer family with the surname Newbie adopted me. They were named Bob and Betty; I shared a room with their daughter Brandi. They lived in the suburbia Pleasantview which was extremely close to SimValley but after all this time, I was fed up. I decided I would right wrongs and get myself into some interesting trouble, and more importantly, get revenge on Maclolm, for all the people he’s hurt, for me, and for Mom. So I stole a red scooter from the car shop and went off to SimValley.

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Subject:Premade Sim Meme
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Sims Meme
created by tomwood1906
I accidentally stumbled across this, so I thought it would be fun to do and I thought livejournal would be a good place to post this!
01. Favourite pre-made.
Cassandra Goth. I’m probably a little bit obsessed with her tbh.

02. Pre-made you dislike.
Darren Dreamer, if he’s portrayed as a perfect angelwho is really nice, has no flaws, and is just perfect for Cassandra. However, if he’s a good character in his own right, I have no problem with him. I like him with Brandi or Kaylynn a lot, but he and Cassandra are my least favorite couple in the game, personally.

03. Favorite non-playable.
Mrs. Crumplebottom! She is a very badass old lady! I wish you could establish relationships with her, especially since she’s related to the Goths since Cornelia was a Crumplebottom before marrying Gunther. :P

04. Favorite unpopular or neglected pre-made.
The Tricous and Singles!

05. Favorite pre-made family/household.
The Goth family is my favorite. I also really like the Calientes.

06. Pre-made sim or household you can’t get interested in.
Pretty much everyone in Desiderata Valley expect for Natasha Una and John Mole. I also have trouble getting into Ajay Loner.

07. Favorite and/or least favorite neighbourhood.
My favorite is either Pleasantview or Strangetown, while my least favorite is defiantlyyyy Desiderata Valley.

08. Most intriguing pre-made sim or sim mystery.
Olive Specter or the House of Fallen Trees.

09. Unpopular opinion about a pre-made.
Oh wow, I have a lot of those. Angela Pleasant is goofy, fun, and nature-y and is a future pirate and she is –not- the “mean popular girl who bullies people” and Lilith is really immature, dramatic, and insecure. Bella Goth isn’t super nice and perfect and she has a dark side. Oh, and Cassandra is –not- a weak hopeless romantic who gets walked over and relies on men!

10. Favourite fanon.
The Goths being magical, Circe being worse then Loki, Kimberly and Chastity being a couple, I’m sure there’s a few more I can’t think of atm.

11. Popular fanon you disagree with.
Dina is not an air-head or a evil gold digger and she actually loved Michael. (and she’s also really nice) Mary Sue Pleasant isn’t a workaholic that neglects her family and Daniel is being selfish and isn’t justified in his affair. Morty Goth isn’t really serious and strict; he’s eccentric, cheerful, and outgoing! c:

12. Favourite own head-canon that isn’t backed up by canon.
Cassandra either knows all about Don’s other ‘good friends’ and doesn’t care (and would then use it as fun logic to start her own affair on Vidcund Curious) or they have an open relationship. Nina Caliente is really into cooking and is pretty darn good at it. Brandi has a crush on Darren. Dina and Don don’t work good as a couple and end up being best friends then. (And if I marry Cassandra and Don, Dina would be Don’s “best man” even if she is a girl :D)

13. Favourite canon/canonish pairing.
Bella/Mortimer! (OTP) I also like Cassandra/Don, Dustin/Angela, Hermia/Puck, Dina/Michael, Nina/Don, Circe/Loki, Crystal/Lazlo, Olive/Grim, and Jennifer/John (Burb.)

14. Favourite crack pairing.
Cassandra/Vidcund, Don/Chloe, Darren/Tara (Kat), Ripp/Chloe, Brandi/Darren, Brandi/John (Burb), Lilith/Ripp, Angela/Ophelia, Alexander/Gvaudoin, and Kristen/Lola.
15. Most outrageous romance sim, aka who’s nailed the most sims in your game.
Don or Chloe. Nina Caliente hasn’t done badly either.

16. Pre-made you see as gay, bi, asexual, etc.
Gay/Lesbian: Lola, Kristen, Fricorith, Nervous, Lucy, Pascal, Tara (DeBeatu), Bisexual: Chloe, Angela, Mercurito, Miranda, Carlos, Asexual: Buzz after Lyla’s death, Goneril, Regan.

17. Favourite non-romantic relationship.
Nina & Dina, Cassandra & Mortimer, Gvaudoin & Fricorith, Chloe & Lola, and Mary Sue & Cassandra

18. Pre-made who’s most like you.
Um, idk?

19. Premade whose look you like (not necessarily who you think is beautiful).
Cassandra’s pigtails? Tbh, idk. :P

20. Hottest pre-made
Circe Beaker or Titania Summerdream!
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Hi. :3 Um, so I'm insanesimblr on tumblr and I decided to make a livejournal! That's about it! :P No juicy scoop!
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