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Subject:How Cassandra and Don Met
Time:07:22 pm
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Cassandra Goth sat, brooding, at a table in one of the finest restaurants in Pleasantview. She would be with Mary-Sue Pleasant but Mary-Sue had canceled last minute.

Don Lothario, a stranger to Cassandra, walked over to her table and was attracted right away. He had always secretly had a thing for girls with glasses. “Hey there babe, do you believe in love at first sight?”

She didn’t look at him; she appeared to be deep in thought, her eyes strangely pierced on something else, and a very mysterious aura surrounding her. “No,” she said, “But I do believe in irritation at first sight and pick-up artists.”

Don laughed and foolishly smiled ignorantly. “Haha, good one! I’m Don Lothario, what’s your name?”

“As if I’d tell you.” Something about Cassandra seemed as if she was hiding some conspiratorial plot or was up to some mice. Seemed accurate. She didn’t show very much emotion.

“Playing hard to get?” The same idiotic smile and laughter followed Don’s statement.

“Are you playing drunkard fool?” She still didn’t look at him and kept a very solemn, unknown face.

He was intrigued with this woman; he wanted to know more about her. “You’re funny.”

She didn’t say anything, her eye were now into brooding deep thoughts.

“Can I sit down?” Don asked.
“Can I hex you?” A slight smirk came on her face, but she remained lost in her thoughts.

“Hex, baby, what ya talking about?”

“Fine, you may sit down if you never call me babe again.” She spoke with Wednesday Addams-spunk.

Don sat down. “So what’s up with you?”


“Oh oh! That’s interesting!”

No response, just more mysterious thinking.

“Do you have a boyfriend? A girlfriend?”

“Maybe I do, maybe I don’t.”

“Mystery, cool!”

For a few minutes awkward silence filled the air.

“Well I see that you’re not interested in me! How that’s possible since I’m so cool? I’m not sure, but hey whatever! Just... uh remember there are 206 bones in the human body.”

“28 skull bones, non-articulate horseshoed-shaped hyoid bone of the neck, 26 vertebrae, 24 ribs, the pelvic bones, a total of 120 bones in the arms and legs, and a number of partial bones ranging between 8-18, which are related to the joints.”

“You like bones? I think they’re kinda interesting…’

“I can name over 50 facts about bones if that answer your question.”

“Oh, awesome! I’m pre-med so I know aaaaaalll about bones!” He bragged of course.

She turned to him finally. She seemed a bit intrigued but he couldn’t tell what she was thinking. “I love bones.”

“Aye, well they’re having a discussion open to the public at Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital where I work this Friday about bones and joints, so if you’re interested, you should come.”

“Perhaps I will… perhaps I won’t.”

“Well I’ll be there! So it’s worthy going to!”

“Ah, a reason to not attend.”

Awkward silence returned, Cassandra, or as the woman of mystery as Don knew her, was no one to socialize.

Until Cassandra got up unexpectedly and started to create antics.

Don laughed and smirked.

“Good show.”

“The cell nucleus is a good show.”

“Not to be confused with the nucleolus. That’s just a big no!”

“… As is the confusion of Servos and the prototypical SimBot.”

“Yeah, like seriously!”


There was a minute of silence until Don spoke.

“What’s your favorite element on the periodic table?”

She got up.

“Dance with me, Casanova want-to-be.”

“More like the real deal!”

They dance in silence for around five minutes. Silence. Cassandra liked it that way.

“It’s lithium,” she said.

“Mine’s hydrogen.”

Cassandra smirked as she danced in the returning silence

After 20 minutes Cassandra said. “I will be returning home now.”

“We could do this all night! I’m going to miss you”

As she walked off, she turned back and said. “Cassandra. My name is Cassandra Goth.”

“Can we keep in contact?!”

“Don’t worry about finding me, I’ll find you.”

And with that she was gone with a mysterious exit. Don was swept of his feet. Maybe they could be friends… or maybe she could be the first girl he was faithful too.

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Time:2013-10-27 01:16 am (UTC)
Cute! This is very cute, I like it. :D I won't judge you on writing since this is your second attempt, as you mentioned on tumblr. But I like the concept of the short story and the way you portrayed Cassandra and Don. He is such a nerd.
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Time:2013-10-27 10:01 pm (UTC)
Thank you! Haha, I actually was referring more to the pictures when I said that, but my writing needs some work, so thanks! :D Don is defiantly a nerd. Cassandra and Don are one of my favorite couples and they are giving Mortimer and Bella a run for being my OTP, even if I can tell Maxis wanted us to break Cass & Don up, lol I never listen to Maxis!
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Time:2013-12-21 02:37 am (UTC)
Nice story, Love the restaurant!

WCIF the dress Cassie is wearing?
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