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Subject:Premade Sim Meme
Time:09:58 pm
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Sims Meme
created by tomwood1906
I accidentally stumbled across this, so I thought it would be fun to do and I thought livejournal would be a good place to post this!
01. Favourite pre-made.
Cassandra Goth. I’m probably a little bit obsessed with her tbh.

02. Pre-made you dislike.
Darren Dreamer, if he’s portrayed as a perfect angelwho is really nice, has no flaws, and is just perfect for Cassandra. However, if he’s a good character in his own right, I have no problem with him. I like him with Brandi or Kaylynn a lot, but he and Cassandra are my least favorite couple in the game, personally.

03. Favorite non-playable.
Mrs. Crumplebottom! She is a very badass old lady! I wish you could establish relationships with her, especially since she’s related to the Goths since Cornelia was a Crumplebottom before marrying Gunther. :P

04. Favorite unpopular or neglected pre-made.
The Tricous and Singles!

05. Favorite pre-made family/household.
The Goth family is my favorite. I also really like the Calientes.

06. Pre-made sim or household you can’t get interested in.
Pretty much everyone in Desiderata Valley expect for Natasha Una and John Mole. I also have trouble getting into Ajay Loner.

07. Favorite and/or least favorite neighbourhood.
My favorite is either Pleasantview or Strangetown, while my least favorite is defiantlyyyy Desiderata Valley.

08. Most intriguing pre-made sim or sim mystery.
Olive Specter or the House of Fallen Trees.

09. Unpopular opinion about a pre-made.
Oh wow, I have a lot of those. Angela Pleasant is goofy, fun, and nature-y and is a future pirate and she is –not- the “mean popular girl who bullies people” and Lilith is really immature, dramatic, and insecure. Bella Goth isn’t super nice and perfect and she has a dark side. Oh, and Cassandra is –not- a weak hopeless romantic who gets walked over and relies on men!

10. Favourite fanon.
The Goths being magical, Circe being worse then Loki, Kimberly and Chastity being a couple, I’m sure there’s a few more I can’t think of atm.

11. Popular fanon you disagree with.
Dina is not an air-head or a evil gold digger and she actually loved Michael. (and she’s also really nice) Mary Sue Pleasant isn’t a workaholic that neglects her family and Daniel is being selfish and isn’t justified in his affair. Morty Goth isn’t really serious and strict; he’s eccentric, cheerful, and outgoing! c:

12. Favourite own head-canon that isn’t backed up by canon.
Cassandra either knows all about Don’s other ‘good friends’ and doesn’t care (and would then use it as fun logic to start her own affair on Vidcund Curious) or they have an open relationship. Nina Caliente is really into cooking and is pretty darn good at it. Brandi has a crush on Darren. Dina and Don don’t work good as a couple and end up being best friends then. (And if I marry Cassandra and Don, Dina would be Don’s “best man” even if she is a girl :D)

13. Favourite canon/canonish pairing.
Bella/Mortimer! (OTP) I also like Cassandra/Don, Dustin/Angela, Hermia/Puck, Dina/Michael, Nina/Don, Circe/Loki, Crystal/Lazlo, Olive/Grim, and Jennifer/John (Burb.)

14. Favourite crack pairing.
Cassandra/Vidcund, Don/Chloe, Darren/Tara (Kat), Ripp/Chloe, Brandi/Darren, Brandi/John (Burb), Lilith/Ripp, Angela/Ophelia, Alexander/Gvaudoin, and Kristen/Lola.
15. Most outrageous romance sim, aka who’s nailed the most sims in your game.
Don or Chloe. Nina Caliente hasn’t done badly either.

16. Pre-made you see as gay, bi, asexual, etc.
Gay/Lesbian: Lola, Kristen, Fricorith, Nervous, Lucy, Pascal, Tara (DeBeatu), Bisexual: Chloe, Angela, Mercurito, Miranda, Carlos, Asexual: Buzz after Lyla’s death, Goneril, Regan.

17. Favourite non-romantic relationship.
Nina & Dina, Cassandra & Mortimer, Gvaudoin & Fricorith, Chloe & Lola, and Mary Sue & Cassandra

18. Pre-made who’s most like you.
Um, idk?

19. Premade whose look you like (not necessarily who you think is beautiful).
Cassandra’s pigtails? Tbh, idk. :P

20. Hottest pre-made
Circe Beaker or Titania Summerdream!
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